Why SaaS? - 5 Advantages of Working in Software as a Service

July 18, 2022

Every week, I try to meet up with my friends to catch up on what is going on in our lives. We gulp down coffee and talk about everything that interests us as if we are as free as the air.

But lately, one topic has become the star of the talk: work.

After hearing what they complain about, I always comfort them and tell them that it is never late to start changing career paths at the same time.

In this article, I will explain why SaaS is the talk of the town and the advantages of stepping into the world of SaaS as an employee possesses. Maybe my friends will give it a read, too!

Why is SaaS popular?

SaaS brings liberty to the business environment by doing the opposite of the standard software application process: ensuring that the entire organization leads a comfortable business life.

To do so, all a software company has to do is produce cloud-based software that is managed by its team of cloud software providers. These service providers deal with anything related to the management of the cloud applications, such as software updates.

From medium businesses to larger companies, every enterprise company should adopt cloud-based applications to take their business operations to the next level by using a software tool that would ensure business growth. For instance, a customer relationship management-based cloud solution would improve customer experience in every aspect, such as marketing and sales process and customer service interaction.

Another key point is the low-cost nature of cloud-based apps; a cloud-based solution is cheaper than an on-premise solution as it is a cloud service on a subscription basis that is stored in the cloud environment that does not have costly requirements, such as physical hardware and upfront costs—it even offers a lower total for the same necessities, such as cost of ownership, maintenance costs, and initial costs.

5 Advantages of Working in Software as a Service

It is high time I mentioned the advantages that working in the SaaS industry brings.

#1 Potential to Grow (in more than one way)

The thing about SaaS is that it is never too late to get on board. You might have worked in different areas and positions before; however, can this hold you back by no means. Many SaaS companies include skillful recruiters with eagle eyes. So, as long as you show that you are eager to pursue this road, they will be more than willing to get you in and show you the ropes.

In addition, you will not be walking down this road alone. Many SaaS companies offer training and courses regarding the field you are supposed to work in. Whether you are a rookie that needs proper training or an expert that wants a certificate on the subject, they will lend you a hand because they care about personal growth as much as they do about business growth.

For this reason, working in the SaaS industry is fruitful for you since it ensures your growth, thanks to the help you will get from your coworkers.

#2 Working From Home

Regardless of the position, many SaaS employees get to work from home.

SaaS has always supported remote and hybrid working, but remote work has almost become a fixed asset with the arrival of Covid-19. Nowadays, remote work is the option they choose since it allows the business owners to either shut down their offices completely or choose a hybrid office setup—both alternatives generate a great surplus of money.

Besides, not having to commute to work creates some kind of ease for the workers, such as the comfort you get to feel once you do not have to use busy trains or get stuck in crowded places during the 2-hour daily commute.

There is the extra time you get to save as you do not have to commute regularly as well. Automatically, you get to spend this time according to your needs or wishes. For example, you might pick a new hobby, spend more time on yourself, or devote it to your friends for social events.

Also, this benefit ensures work flexibility, too. You get to choose when and where to work, which helps you plan your own schedule—you no longer have to adjust your program because of work necessities. You rule your own world, even from your couch, and nobody can go against it as long as you do your job properly and be an active team member along the way.

#3 Unending Support to Different Ideas

SaaS companies tend to have a fast-paced environment that is open to all kinds of ideas.

In every industry, you get to voice your ideas in a team meeting; however, the place does not need to be fixed at all in SaaS. Of course, you will have a special area of expertise that requires you to speak up when the talk revolves around it. Yet, in a SaaS company, no matter what your position is, you will be drawn to brainstorming sessions in which you can speak your mind as freely as you can to encourage the actual experts to think about your ideas and reply to them.

Producing new thoughts on an area that you have not explored yet might make you nervous, yet the environment will make up for it. Besides, there is nothing wrong with mixing your own experience in a specific department with another area since all the departments within a SaaS company are associated with each other to the highest level—that is exactly why the customer experience is made up of a cycle which encompasses all the branches.

When questions are formed in your brain, you should ask them to enhance your performance so that you will be fully ready to take on tasks that you might be assigned with a coworker from another department. You can treat this never-ending process as a learning opportunity that will push your skills further and get you recognized among your coworkers in a stimulating and intellectually challenging work environment.

#4 Focus on Employee Well-being

Covid-19 coming into our lives affected and altered many things in the work environment, too.

First of all, lockdowns and health concerns were two reasons that each remote worker suffered in 2021. There is no denying that working from home provides excellent benefits for remote workers, but it definitely became a suffocating journey as soon as those benefits were ripped away from each and every one of them.

Now that it is back to the new normal, there is a lot of responsibility that falls upon the companies. They have to help them improve their mental health so that they can adjust back to the work environment as if nothing happened. For this reason, many SaaS companies work with experts that prepare personalized mental wellness plans for the employees to obtain.

For instance, many SaaS companies offer weekly get-togethers that bring the teams together and help them find the chance to talk to each other with no business concerns in mind. Social interaction help employees feel more safe and sound in their work environment and stay active by having them connect with other people as well.

Other than that, it is known that some SaaS companies offer to pay for the therapy costs of the employees that regularly visit their therapists to improve their mental wellness. As these activities tend to change from company to company, you might ask about the benefits they provide to employees during your interview to have a clear idea.

#5 Planning Your Future Move Easily

SaaS is a rapidly growing industry that is home to huge opportunities for each and every employee concerned.

As it has a bright future, it is no secret that its employees also have one, too. There are and will always be positions that need to be filled and employees that are looking for a new journey.

What is even better is that once starting at a SaaS company and utilizing the advantages above, employees will be able to pursue new adventures, whether it is a new company or a new position.

Since SaaS includes tons of career paths to choose from, if employees find something that interests them more than their current area, they will be able to switch, thanks to their experience within the industry.

Another benefit is that your experience will count for something as it will boost your chances of finding a new job position that meets your needs and demands. This condition is due to the highly regarded nature of the SaaS businesses that your experience will open new doors for you when planning your future goals.

In short

The SaaS industry is growing, the job market is booming, and vacant positions that need to be filled with no requirement of technical background is extending day by day.

If you are ready to take the next step, a new career path is surely waiting for you; you just need to go and explore to find what is right for you.

In this article, you will find what a career in SaaS offers to make you say that you are lucky to work in SaaS.

Renk Mert