Top 17 SaaS LinkedIn Influencers & Accounts to Follow in 2023

November 13, 2023

In the SaaS environment, one must keep tabs on the newest developments, ideas, and advancements. 

Thus, LinkedIn as the center of professional network and knowledge exchange is necessary to keep you posted. 

Having known the best SaaS LinkedIn influencers and accounts will help you remain on top of the trend in 2023. 

Now, it’s time to look into these power players.

Top 17 SaaS LinkedIn Influencers & Accounts

Picture a virtual arena where imagination goes without limits, and learning serves as wealth. 

These powerful people, lighten up the SaaS world with their knowledge and experience. So let's check them out!

1. Ann Handley

A well-known digital marketer and author, Ann Handley, leads the marketing education business, MarketingProfs.

Marketing gold mine, insights into great content strategy, and SaaS thought leadership can be found in Ann’s LinkedIn profile.

Ann often posts useful information about content marketing that is crucial for a Saas company’s success.

She is an absolute must, considering how awesome she always engages in posts and videos related to SaaS marketing.

2. Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan is one of the founders and the chief executive officer of HubSpot – an inbound marketing and sales platform.

The impact of HubSpot in the SaaS industry cannot be ignored seeing how Brian’s LinkedIn profile clearly indicates his experience and expertise in inbound marketing, SaaS growth development, and startups.

Brian often offers his thoughts regarding sales, marketing, SaaS, and the changes occurring in modern digital enterprises.

It will help you stay on top of new trends in SaaS.

3. David Cancel

The founder and boss of Drift, Dave Cancel provides conversational marketing and sales.

SaaS growth, startup culture, and leadership are all contained in his LinkedIn profile, among other things.

David’s personal experiences and insights he gained through his entrepreneurial journey create relevancy in what he writes for SaaS product makers such as themselves.

Anyone who is in the SaaS space should follow his innovative thinking and thought leadership.

4. David Sacks

A renowned entrepreneur and co-founder of multiple profitable SaaS ventures, as well as himself, is David Sacks.

One can see the details surrounding VC, bootstrapping startups, and SaaS Biz on his Linkedin.

The topics discussed in David’s posts and articles vary from leadership to SaSS startup problems and product development. He is almost like a teacher when it comes to SaaS.

5. Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah is the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, alongside Brian Halligan. 

The SaaS engineers, developers, and tech enthusiasts can find some great information in Dharmesh’s LinkedIn profile.

His expertise lies in providing perspectives about software development, technology tendencies, and the place for innovation in the field of SaaS corporations. 

Dharmesh’s account should be included in your list of must-follows if you desire to stay up-to-date regarding the technical aspects of SaaS.

6. HubSpot

Hubspot has been sharing relevant inbound marketing, sales, and customer service materials over the years. 

Indeed, their LinkedIn page serves as a go-to resource for all industry updates, case studies, and accomplishments.

Using HubSpot is the way to go as it will give you access to a large pool of knowledge and resources that come straight from a top SaaS firm worldwide.

7. Jason Lemkin

One of the successful SaaS investors is Jason Lemkin, who runs a professional community called SaaStr. 

His LinkedIn profile contains many tips for SaaS founders, like insights into venture capital.

Jason’s posts address diverse issues concerning SaaS and these include growing your SaaS company, and how to access funding among others. 

His knowledge within this sector enables him to be an authority figure on the matter.

8. Marc Benioff

One of the biggest and the most influential SaaS companies in the world is Salesforce founded by its co-CEO Mark Benioff. 

A different viewpoint on where the SaaS, CRM, and tech/social impact intersect can be seen through his LinkedIn profile.

Marc always makes comments about leadership, responsible business, and the role played by technology in influencing changes that are constructive. 

His followers will ensure that they are updated on the new SaaS and business technology trends and innovations.

9. Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz works as an investment partner at Redpoints Venture, a US-based VC enterprise focusing on cloud and SaaS businesses. 

You can check his LinkedIn account as a reliable resource for SaaS metrics, growth strategies, and data-driven insights.

Tomasz presents extensive analyses of SaaS facts and figures relevant to decisions by SaaS professionals. 

Tomasz takes it seriously if the strategic as well as the financial aspects are essential to your SaaS.

10. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is currently an advisor at SparkToro and was formerly the co-founder and CEO of Moz, a leading search engine optimization (SEO) software startup. 

Today, he is the founder of SparkToro, a marketing survey firm. 

There is much that one can learn about SEO and content marketing via Fishkin. 

He enlightens people on LinkedIn about creating attractive and customer-converting content for websites in terms of traffic flow.

11. Aaron Levie

Aaron Levie is the founder and leader of one of the prominent cloud storage and file-sharing companies, Box.

Levie is among the best consultants in SaaS as well as cloud computing. 

He has a blog on LinkedIn where he discusses the future of employment and how companies can benefit from technology.

12. Asia Orangio

Asia Orangio is an authority in product-led growth, and how companies can use their products for lead generation and acquisition. 

Via LinkedIn, she explains the process of developing and scaling a product-centered development approach.

13. Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is the founder of Sixteen Ventures. 

Murphy talks about lead generation, deal closing, and customer success teams on LinkedIn for SaaS sales and marketing. 

He is also an important source that can be useful in order to obtain SaaS jobs or prospects.

14. Maamoon Hamid

Maamoon Hamid is one of the founders of Instacart, an online grocery shop. He is also a venture capitalist and investor as well.

The wisdom of Hamid focuses on SaaS growth and product-led growth. Furthermore, he is a very useful source for insights on what lies ahead in terms of the future of work and how companies can exploit technology to gain success.

15. David Skok 

David Skok is a venture capitalist and former head of Matrix Partners. 

In that regard, Skok gives the details of SaaS metrics and analytics. You can learn a lot about KPIs, and tracking your metrics in general, by using this guy as a reference.

16. David Sacks 

David Sacks is the co-founder and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Yammer. He is, additionally, a venture capitalist and an investor.

He expresses his ideas about SaaS leadership and culture in LinkedIn. An excellent resource you can learn how to create and grow a winning SaaS team.

17. Ann Miura-Ko

Ann Miura-ko founded an investment firm called Floodgate which is a venture capital firm 

Miura-Ko gives her thoughts on VC and SaaS fundraising as well as how startups grow during their early stages. 

Her information on raising capital for a SaaS business is very helpful in growing them fast.

Final Words

In essence, the SaaS environment is dictated by visionaries as they publish on LinkedIn their opinions, observations, and experiences. 

Most of these people and organizations are no longer only experts in their own respective crafts but have even revolutionized the nature of SaaS itself.

In the course of this 2023 route, however, let us bear in mind that success in the SaaS sector does not primarily depend on the software or technology, but rather on the intelligence behind it. 

Following these influencers will give you access to the direction, techniques, and knowledge needed for your own trajectory in the software as a service era.

That’s why go on and press the ‘follow’ button and brace yourselves with the knowledge and the motivation to take up something new on the SaaS path this year. 

Mert Aktas