Top 15 SaaS Youtubers & Channels to Follow in 2023

November 13, 2023

The world of SaaS has become highly competitive, and it has become imperative to keep ahead of the trend. 

With regard to the SaaS market in 2023, it has never been more exciting to be part of this digital landscape and the best way of doing it is by learning what the experts are saying via video. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the dynamic content producers of the newest, coolest, and freshest developments in the era of SaaS. 

Top 15 SaaS Youtubers & Channels

What makes these channels an incredible opportunity for both experienced and aspiring SaaS experts is that experienced people tell their own experiences and the problems they faced while making their products grow.

So, let’s check them out!

1. Dan Martell

Dan Martel, an investor in SaaS and entrepreneur, has assisted more than 800 SaaS founders in scaling up their operations. 

On his YouTube channel, one finds nuggets of information about product development, as well as marketing and sales.

Martell’s videos are usually instructive and entertaining but provide workable tips that one can put into action instantly. 

SaaS founders/entrepreneurs can leverage him at any stage of growth.

2. Stewart Gauld

The SaaS Reviews channel was created by Stewart Gauld. 

His channel is notorious for providing informative and unbiased reviews for some famous products and services on SaaS.

For those thinking of using a SaaS product/service, Gauld’s videos are indispensable. 

He gives honest and complete reviews on every issue relating to products, offering his own point of view on the pros and cons of these products as well.

3. SaaStr

SaaS conference as well as a media company with much invaluable information targeting at SaaS founders and businessmen. 

There are many videos of the SaaStr events on their YouTube channel, plus they also interview influential leaders and experts in SaaS.

The SaaStr’s videos are a good way to gain useful knowledge from the most prominent leaders in the Saas business industry. 

These perspectives provide an understanding of the hurdles and prospects for SaaS founderships/entrepreneurship.

4. Drift

Drift is an end-to-end conversational marketing platform that helps businesses acquire and convert more leads through online conversations. 

They have also created a number of YouTube videos discussing issues pertaining to their marketing and sales campaigns, as well as customers’ experience.

Businesses wanting additional information on conversational marketing to aid in improving marketing and sales performance can use their videos.

5. HubSpot

An easy-to-use CRM– HubSpot is for growing. They have several videos on their YouTube channel that deal with issues related to marketing, sales, customer service, and business growth.

Businesses, big or small, can use HubSpot’s videos. They provide meaningful opinions and advice on different issues concerning corporate expansion.

6. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a business coach with a focus on equipping entrepreneurs for success in their ventures. 

She has an array of videos on her YouTube channel with regard to business, marketing, and personal development.

People seeking entrepreneurship inspiration, will find this source helpful. It provides practical tips and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed.

7. Behind the Brand

Brand Behind is a YouTube channel with videos covering insights from accomplished entrepreneurs and business personalities. 

The videos give details on why a customer should choose your brand over another. Entrepreneurship in a nutshell!

Behind the Brand’s videos can serve as an ideal reference point for aspiring entrepreneurs to build upon what already works best out there. 

These videos give useful information on problems as well as strengths of entrepreneurship with corresponding tactics towards attaining breakthroughs.

8. LYFE Marketing

One of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies is LYFE Marketing, whose core business consists of enabling SaaS company growth. 

They have a YouTube channel where they upload different videos on how to conduct different SaaS marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

Video materials by LYFE Marketing represent a wonderful opportunity for studying SaaS marketing and business expansion. 

These are readily usable, actionable recommendations and observations.

9. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a leadership coach and author who helps leaders accomplish what they set out to do. 

He has a YouTube channel that involves videos about diverse topics relating to leadership, productivity, and self-improvement.

Leaders at all levels can use Hyatt’s videos as resources. 

The ideas and recommendations they bring forth, provide invaluable lessons towards being more productive to reach those targets.

10. Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka is a software-as-a-service entrepreneur as well as an investor. 

He also runs a dedicated YouTube channel called Saas Founder where he uploads various video content revolving around building and running an effective SaaS business. 

Latka narrates his own stories, draws some lessons, and conducts interviews with other popular SaaS founders.

Latka’s videos prove to be highly useful for any aspiring SaaS entrepreneur seeking to kick start their own SaaS business, as well as for those entrepreneurs who want to scale their existing SaaS business. 

He provides useful hints which might guide an entrepreneur on how he/she can achieve his/her objectives.

11. Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell is a SaaS entrepreneur and investor. On his YouTube channel, Campbell’s Clips, there are videos about different things concerning SaaS business, marketing, and sales. 

At times, Campbell narrates his own experiences and thoughts on particular issues and speaks to some of the leading SaaS providers directly in the book.

His channel will be of value to people seeking additional information about Saas business and those searching for tips on how to grow their own Saas business.

He provides practical recommendations, which a company can apply right away.

12. Ben Murray

Ben Murray is a SaaS CFO and advisor. He has a YouTube channel titled “The SaaS CFO” with different video segments touching on matters pertaining to SaaS business finance, accounting, and metrics. He narrates the stories of his experiences and thoughts, in addition to his conversations with other SaaS CFOs and finance officers.

Murray’s videos constitute excellent materials for those interested in financing SaaS business. 

He provides essential tips coupled with invaluable expertise that SAAS founders, CIOs as well and finance leaders can use to make more informed decisions so that they meet their respective objectives.

13. TK Kader

TK Kader is an entrepreneur in SaaS with investments. He runs a YouTube channel known as TK Kader that he uses in discussing matters to do with SaaS business, marketing, and sales. 

Kader draws from his personal experiences and also carries out interviews with other successful SaaS founders and CEOs.

People hoping to launch a successful SaaS company can learn a lot from Kader’s videos. His comments are practically oriented and helpful to entrepreneurs in realizing their objectives and ambitions.

14. Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge is the former SVP of Sales and Marketing at HubSpot. Mark Roberge’s YouTube channel contains different SaaS-based materials on sales and marketing.

Roberge tells his story and reflects upon other successful sales and market leaders in SaaS.

The videos by Roberge, therefore, are a good source of information on SaaS sales and marketing. 

In addition, he provides tangible suggestions on how a sales or marketing leader could attain his/ her objectives.

15. Adam Erhart

Adam Erhart is a leading SaaS marketing consultant who assists B2B SaaS companies to explode faster. 

His YouTube videos about SaaS marketing, sales, and customer success are available on his YouTube channels.

If you are interested in learning more about SaaS marketing for growing the business based on this phenomenon, 

Ehart’s videos can be an excellent source of information for such companies. His suggestions are directly applicable hence immediate action is taken.

Final Words

Keeping up with current trends in the SaaS industry is something you must do. 

Such SaaS YouTubers and channels represent priceless information that offers expert advice, step-by-step instructions, comprehensive analyses, and examples. 

These creators will ensure that you are updated so as to learn something new every time even if you are none of them.

Also, note that the SaaS world is vast and flexible enough to make your subscriptions match your interests and priorities. 

Therefore, ensure you hit the subscribe button, activate notifications, and be part of constant growth in the fast-moving SaaS universe. 

Cheers for a growing year, innovation, SaaS, and prosperity in 2023!