What AI Thinks About AI-Generated Content

January 25, 2023
OSF Exclusive

“Recently, I’ve had lots of people telling me that ‘AI generated content hurts SEO rankings’ and that marketers should avoid using AI while content creation.”

This is what I said in my last post, and I still can’t believe it.

To me, this is like saying, “the internet is never going to replace newspapers” in the 90s

We all know how that story went.

I will discuss how you can use AI to generate top-tier content for your marketing strategy in my upcoming posts. Today, I have a better story in mind.

Back in the 90s, if someone asked the internet what it thought of the internet, they would get many answers (that people submitted to the internet).

But today, I asked ChatGPT what it thinks about AI-generated content.

What Does AI Think About AI-Generated content?

Here is the direct answer from ChatGPT:

Let’s take a look at the most important part of each paragraph:

1- AI-generated content is not a replacement for human creativity and expertise

The improved AI of our day realizes that AI-generated content isn’t a replacement for human creativity. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t benefit from AI while coming up with content ideas for a business or even coming up with business ideas.

But it means that we can’t leave the rest to AI and rest in our seats while watching our favorite show on whichever device they didn’t approve of in the 90s.

So it is definitely a strong tool, but absolutely not a know-all and perfect robot we can leave everything to.

2- Main benefits of using AI for content generation are the speed and personalization

Did you ever have to research a user type or a specific segment JUST for a small paragraph in a copy?

I did.

I hated every second of it.

I like that my expertise improved, but other than that, I would rather ask AI to do it and learn as I edit what it provides.

So far, AI has helped me come up with:

  • Slogans,
  • Marketing campaign ideas,
  • Summaries of large texts,
  • Biographies of people,
  • The trends in a specific field,
  • And so on.

And here you see, speed and personalization in a single shot. I just love AI and technology…

3- The quality of AI-generated content can vary and require human editing

This part is very much the same as the first part.

Get help from AI, and use the benefits. But don’t let it do the whole job for you. That won’t work.

So how should I use AI for content generation?

This is what I will be discussing in my next post. I have some very cool insights from ChatGPT, and I have to say, it is going to make everything a lot easier if this technology is integrated with the tools we use nowadays.

See how AI helped me create this content with this format? That’s an idea.