How I Now Use AI to Help Me Find Content Ideas

March 22, 2023
OSF Exclusive

For the past few months, all the internet has been talking about is AI and new kinds of AI.

It is much more than ChatGPT and GPT3 now: we have AI image generators that work better than ever (Like OpenAI’s Dall-E), we have AI content generators that sound more human-like (such as, and we have GPT4.

In case you haven’t heard, GPT4 allows you to turn your scribbles into working websites. In other words, it can take visual prompts and produce good-quality outcomes.


And all the best tools already started incorporating some sort of AI in their systems. The one that I use the most is Notion’s AI which helps me create easier pages for my schedules and plans.

I’m so excited that I’m going off-topic, I know.

Alright. Back to today’s topic:

I started off my career in marketing as a ghostwriter, then I became a part-time content writer, then I thought I was interested in numbers and growth marketing but I very recently found out that I’m more of a content person.

And that is why I’m so excited about the developments in AI.

Because the most recent developments helped me much more than ever to find content ideas and we have much more efficient ways than typing in something in a search engine and hoping that you will find what you need.

And today I’ll be sharing what I do to find better content ideas.

I’ve talked long enough. Let’s get into it:

How I Find Content Ideas Using AI

1- AI content generators for minor copy

First of all, I’ve eliminated over 8+ hours of work every week that I would normally spend on writing standard copy. Once I give ChatGPT a few examples of my existing copy for use case pages, pricing pages, GDPR compliance notices, standard agreement, and notification texts, etc.

All I have to do is gather examples, wait for the outcome, and slightly edit it.

What used to take me two days now takes me just one, and what took me a whole month now just takes a couple of weeks.

Here is one of the most popular tools which allows you to start for free:

Am I getting lazier?


I now have more time to focus on things that actually need human touch, like ad copies, landing pages, and this blog. Not only do I work faster, but my mind is much more at ease.

And there is one more thing that helps me retain my mental well-being:

2- Using prompts rather than search questions

Making a search in Google, Bing, or any search engine can be a hussle. Try typing in any acronym and you will find yourslef in a see full of different meanings that the acronym stands for - except for the one you're looking for.

What I love about conversational AI is that you can eliminate the need of becoming a prompt engine by changing the search query, you can simply stack the prompts to reach the outcome you need and eliminate everything else.

Or you can simply:

3- Ask for trending and evergreen topics in specific fields

Instead of scrolling through Linkedin, reading SaaS news blogs, and asking all CEOs and executives I know just to find one common problem they encounter, I now use ChatGPT.

I don’t even need a complex prompt to get an adequate answer, I simply ask it as if I’m talking to a human, and it gives me a listicle which I use as a headstart.

Simply amazing…

4- Getting help from AI to generate images and videos quicker

I actually have a recent story about how much time AI actually helps me save for images and videos.

My colleague - who is also my roommate - had to shoot some videos to explain how each of the features of our company works.

In order to do that:

  • We rented a studio for a whole day (from 2 pm to 8 pm)
  • Figured out how to use the camera in the studio since we’re no experts
  • Shot the videos in an environment we’re not used to,
  • Prepared the videos to send to editing because our first studio attempts wasn’t the most successful,
  • Sent the videos to editing,

It has been over a week, and we haven’t even gotten one of the ten 40-second-long videos.

It wasn’t effective, it isn’t effective.

From now on, here is the tool that we will use:

In short, we will upload the script to this tool, edit it ourselves, and be done.

It’s that simple.

This post isn’t sponsored. I wish it was.