6 SaaS Blogs Every Founder Should Follow in 2022

November 2, 2022

It isn't easy to listen to the news and be aware of everything that is happening around us all the time. Business news, world news, tech news... And then there's the news in the industry, of course, who invested in whom, what is the new trend in marketing? 

Let's assume you start your day at 9 am; if you check your e-mails till 9.30 am, continue with Slack channels, check new customers/churns, talk to team heads, and give quick calls to shareholders, you may read economy news in your lunchtime -but I cannot guarantee any relatable information for you in the newspapers. 

You have to check tons of different papers to come across insightful content or an industry-related survey. 

It would be a waste of time and energy, and also, it wouldn't be sustainable. You need online platforms that are created for you, SaaS blogs. 

They publish content tailored for your and your company's needs. They know the best business models, growth strategies, the latest industry news from Silicon Valley, and more!  

In this article, I've collected the top 6 SaaS blogs that should be followed by every founder who wants to read about the breaking news in SaaS, growth tips and marketing strategies,  inspirational interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and business tips. Don't worry, you don't have to check all of them on a daily basis. 

#1: SaaStr

Started as a simple WordPress blog in 2012, SaaStr is now  the world's largest community of SaaS entrepreneurs and executives.

No matter how new or experienced you are in the industry, you can find all the Saas-related content you need here.  

Are you waiting to be funded? Maybe you need to learn how to attract investors. Do you keep losing track of sales metrics, or even worse, don't you know the importance of them? You might want to read about KPIs. Or maybe you're in a hiring process and don't know which position to prioritize, how to choose the best applicant, which skills to look for... 

You can filter the blog posts by topic, company size, and role. The categorization works well with dozens of options and quickly lists content related to the topic you are interested in. 

Also, you can access free e-books on raising capital, the hiring process, and revenue, as well as a podcast series hosting successful CEOs, SaaS founders, and industry leaders. 

P.S. SaaStr organizes annual meet-ups. This year it will start on September 13th. The three-day conference will bring more than 10 thousand SaaS executives and 250+ speakers together. 

⚠️ If you want to know more about the best SaaS conferences, let's take you here

#2: Neil Patel's Blog 

 If you want to learn more about marketing strategies, the best ways to use social media sites and search engines (SEO), you need to check out Neil Patel's Blog

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, an online tool that analyzes what's clicked on a company's website by visitors, and the writer of one of the most popular marketing blogs. 

In this blog, he talks about anything related to marketing, from tips on how to use Twitter as a marketing tool to the best website builders. 

If you are new to online marketing and don't know how to integrate different marketing channels into your campaign or get more organic traffic to your website, you can find tips and convincing explanations on this blog. 

Do you want to learn the secrets of e-mail marketing? Or maybe you want to get started with digital marketing but don't know where to start. In short, Neil Patel has answers to -almost- all of your advertisement/marketing questions. Go and check his blog! 

#3: Both Sides Of The Table 

Mark Suster, a former entrepreneur, became a venture capitalist (VC) at Upfront Ventures, and he has been sharing his insights and perspectives for a while now on his blog: Both Sides Of The Table

Though he doesn't update the blog very often, most of the blog posts are still meaningful and valid in today's world. 

You can find suggestions on fundraising and get a chance to understand how a VC thinks and what s/he cares about most. 

As it is kind of a personal blog, it's not only about work and business; he includes his feelings a lot too. So, if you like a little bit of sincerity and spontaneity, you may enjoy Mark Suster's style. 

#4: OnlySaaSFounders 

Sometimes, the simplest questions are the hardest ones to answer.

Why SaaS is important? What to do to start a SaaS company? How to design a successful SaaS product and price them? 

These are the first questions that come to mind while talking about SaaS, but they are also the most difficult ones to find answers to online. 

OnlySaaSFounders provides answers to each and every one of them. 

If you like explained listings, tips from industry experts with lots and lots of examples, and relatable but also informative content, then OnlySaaSFounders will be your favorite SaaS blog.

The articles are categorized as growth, sales & marketing, business, and leadership. Also, you can subscribe to the newsletter and get informed about the new posts.  

#5: SaaS Capital's Blog 

Finding inclusive research papers on the SaaS industry is not easy. You might look for enterprises overall or marketing strategies in general. But as the results will not be industry-specific, the stats and research results might be deceptive. Distributing pamphlets might be the best way to draw customers to a furniture store, but I don't think it would be very beneficial to a SaaS company. So, do you understand what the lack of extensive research means to an industry?

SaaS Capital conducts one of the largest surveys of B2B companies every year and provides business owners with benchmarking data for SaaS companies. 

If you like rates and numbers, I believe you'll love SaaS Capital's reports. 

Growth/conversion rates, recession performance reports, retention, and capital efficiency benchmarks... 

Some key stats from the reports;

➡️ 40% of companies start with angel funding.

➡️ Only  35% of B2B SaaS companies prefer variable pricing, while the other 65% prefer a ''fixed'' pricing strategy.

➡️ The median percentage of ARR spent on marketing is 9%.

PS: Check out other B2B SaaS marketing stats and trends.

P.S. Check out  

#6: Gong's Blog 

Gong is one of the most popular sales software products, listed among the top 50 enterprise products. It helps companies to improve their sales strategies and close more deals by analyzing the interactions of the sales team with the target audience. They claim to change how a sales leader and her team see customers, thus enhance customer experience. 

The Blog serves the same purpose too.

You might think, as it's a company blog, that all the articles end up promoting the product, but no. Most of the blog content is incredibly detailed and explanatory. The articles are categorized as customer success, sales management, sales skills, etc. So if you have a specific question related to sales, you can easily filter the blog posts and find the answer.

If you want to understand (potential) customers and improve your sales strategies, learn a few tips & tricks from sales experts and have a deeper understanding of sales metrics or maybe sales pipelines, I highly recommend you to check out this blog. 

They also have a monthly newsletter written by Kelly Breslin Wright, the president of Gong. They are not so long and boring. Pretty concise and growth-focused. If you want to get extra actionable growth tips now and then, you might consider leaving your e-mail as well. 

Bonus 1: SaaS Mag

They talk about industry trends, key business/technical insights, and more with industry leaders. You can subscribe for free. 

Plus, they write blog posts too! If you're not sure whether the magazine appeals to you or not, you can check their SaaS blog first. 

Bonus 2: The SaaS Playbook

The SaaS Playbook is a newsletter series prepared by Scaleworks.

It's a bi-weekly collection of top articles, tactics & strategies, and leadership stories in B2B SaaS. 

It's like a pill that includes all the vitamins.  

You can't get answers to your questions in this blog, but you can find summaries of what is happening in the industry. They keep an archive of old newsletters too, you haven't missed anything! 

In Conclusion 

It's important to be aware of the things happening in the industry if you're a SaaS founder. You can wait for big news agencies to get interested and publish a feature article about one specific event or follow business blogs that create content for you, a.k.a SaaS blogs

And these blogs do not only inform you about the latest news but also trends and tactics. 

Do you feel in need of an explanation about a term in marketing? Go and check a SaaS marketing blog. Don't know how to publish an inspiring customer success story that also resonates? All you need is a decent digital marketing/ SaaS marketing blog.